DUY RS Hose is a 3-ply PVC discharge hose with both the cover and liner extruded independently along with high tensile strength polyester reinforcement for maximum durability and filexibility. The hose is manufactured to withstand far greater pressure than the medium and low pressure hoses.


  • Ribbed PVC cover greatly increases abrasion resistance, provides long service life and the tightly woven reinforcement resists puncture. Smooth liner keeps friction loss to a minimum and is the best-in-kind. The strength of DUY is in its reinforcement andeconomical efficiency.
  • The DUY hose and its assemblies under this specification shall be constructed with superior quality materials, manufactured in accordance with NFPA 1961 standard, latest edition within our ISO-9001:2000 certified quality assurance system.

Technical Data

I.D. Working Pressure Burst Pressure
Inch mm Bar/Psi Bar/Psi
2” 51 15/225 45/675
2-1/2” 66 15/225 45/675
  • Water discharge, Washing down, Agricultural, Irrigation, Marine fire fighting.
  • High tenacity Filament polyester filament as warp and weft, PVC as cover and liner.
  • Couplings: Russian couplings or other type on request.
  • Standard Length: 75’(23m), 100’(30m), 130’(40m), other length on request.
  • Temperature Range: 14°F to 131°F(-10°C to 55°C), other temperature on request.