Mill Hose – MTD Series

Mill Hose - MTD Series
5Elem Mill Hose-MTD is rubber lined product with thicker double polyester jacket, the thicker jackets afford a far greater abrasion resistance and the ability to reach higher working pressures.


  • The jacket shall be evenly and firmly woven and free from visible defects, thread knots, lumps and irregularities of twist. The warp
    will consist of high strength staple (spun) polyester yarns.
  • The weft/filler will be high strength, low elongation filament polyester.Jacket can be plain or twill weaving.

Technical Data

I.D. Service Test Pressure Burst Pressure
Inch Bar/Psi Bar/Psi
1-1/2” 250,300,400 750,900,1200
1-3/4” 250,300,400 750,900,1200
2” 250,300,400 750,900,1200
2-1/2” 250,300,400 750,900,1200
3” 250,300,400 750,900,1200
4” 250,300,400 750,900,1200
6” 200,250 600,750
  • Construction pumps, pump water discharge, wash down service on ship and in factory, plant clean up.
    • Heavy duty polyester double jacket, rubber liner.
    • Color: White, other color on request. A color stripe can be added on the jacket, please inquiry before placing order.
    • Couplings: Aluminum & Brass NPSH / NST / IPT expansion ring threaded coupling,Pin lug and Cam & Groove fittings, other fitttings on request.
    • Standard Length: 50′(15m), 75’(23m), 100′(30m), 200’(60m).
    • Temperature Range: 22°F to 176°F(-30°C to 80°C), other temperature on request.