Attack Hose – DUZ Series

Attack Hose - DUZ Series
This type of durable hose is Nitrite rubber covered hose, and along with high tensile strength polyester reinforcement for maximum durability and flexibility.


  • Ribbed Nitrite rubber cover greatly increases abrasion resistance and provides long service life.
  • Smooth Nitrite rubber liner minimum pressure drop.
  • Hose remains flexible to temperatures as low as -4°F (-20°C) and is resistant to ozone, oxidation, and most chemicals or petroleum products.
  • Polyester and/or Nylon reinforcement, tightly woven, twill weave resists puncture.

Technical Data

I.D. Service Test Pressure Burst Pressure
Inch mm Psi Psi
1-1/2” 38 17/250.21/300 51/750.63/900
1-3/4” 45 17/250.21/300 51/750.63/900
2” 50 17/250.21/300 51/750.63/900
2-1/2” 65 17/250.21/300 51/750.63/900
3” 75 17/250.21/300 51/750.63/900
  • Municipal fire fighting, industrial fire fighting, In-Plant fire protection. Meet and exceed UL 19 standard and BS6391 standard.
  • Nitrite rubber cover and liner. Polyester and/or Nylon reinforcement.
    • Color: Yellow, red, other colors on request.
    • Couplings: on request.
    • Standard Length: 50′(15m), 100′(30m), other length on your request.
    • Temperature Range: -4°F to 175°F(-20°C to 80°C), other temperature on request.